December 18, 2021by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

Love is your name
Love is your essence
Love is your character
Love is who you are

And because your ways are higher than our ways
And because your thoughts are higher than our thoughts
Your expression of love confounds us
That you would become one of us

Incarnational love
Love that came down
Love that became
Love that laid its life down

It is to this love that invite us
To consume us with this kind of love
To fill us with this way of love
Until we become love incarnate

Oooh precious love
Oooh Divine love
Oooh Unending love
Oooh incarnate love

Thank you for loving us
Thank you for becoming like us
Thank you for giving of yourself
Thank you for drawing us into you

In love
Through love
For love
To love


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