advent week 3 – joy (liturgy)

December 14, 2021by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

Son of Tamar
Son of Rahab
Son of Ruth
Son of Bathsheba
Son of Mary

Joy unspeakable
Joy unfathomable
Joy unimaginable
Joy experienced
Joy that bursts forth
Joy that changed the course of history

That you God
Divine One
Would choose a woman
Would choose women
The forgotten
The outcasts
The labelled
The abused
The young
To make your grand entry into humanity

Let our mouths shout even as they quiver
Let our bodies dance even as they let go of fear
Let our minds absorb such love even as they let go of doubt
Let our hearts embrace you Great Love even as you repair our brokenness

Joy to the world
Joy to all peoples
Joy through the women
Joy to the women


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