advent week 2 – peace (liturgy)

December 10, 2021by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

Peace I leave with  you, You said
My peace I give to you, You said
Not as the world gives, You said
Oooh Prince of peace

In this world, You said
You will have many troubles, You Said
But be of good cheer, You said
For I have already overcome, You Said

You who kept calm when the crowds roared
You who slept in the midst of a storm
You who never uttered a word when they accused you
You are indeed the one who embodies peace

You know this peace you give
This one that the world cannot give
This one that we all so desperately need
Is actually one that we find hard to receive
One that we find hard to embody

Ooooh giver of peace
Ooooh giver of peace that passes human understanding
Ooooh Prince of Peace
Give us your peace
And help us to receive it
And help us to embody it


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