The Wind

January 1, 2022by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

She reeled off her feelings
In the cruel whirling wind
It was so strong to make peelings
Of where we hid.
Inside sweet’s
bearing seeds
but we were to pit our wits
When deciding our deeds.

Her eyes were agonizing in disappointment.
Her heart bleeding.
The engagement
The red love was now bleaching.
It aches
My heart.
Her heart.
First was as sweet as cakes
but now like a stone landed on a toe; it hurts.

Wanjiku J. Kiarie | hiscreation

Hello everyone my name is Daniel Githumbi. I’m a passionate poet and a writer and an editor by hobby. I’m ambitious longing to be a cardiologist by profession and also a re-known poet, a writer and an editor. I started writing back in form two when I realised I could. I have written several poetry series including: Ten days of love, Boychild empowerment , Mices to pigs including others. My poetry is more metaphorical and ironical. Concerning poetry, it’s a way to express your emotions and memories. That is why I’m relentlessly looking for new poetic challenges.
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