So I took My Children to Sunday School

March 20, 2017by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

March 17, 2014 at 9:19am


What is the largest (if not the largest) and fastest growing cultic and heretic movement in the body of of Christ in Kenya today?


That was my Face Book update three years and three days ago.

A friend called me to account and asked me to substantiate my opinion and claims above and this is what I wrote:

The defense of my ‘opinion’ is both my personal experience of having been brought up in Sunday School and my current continuous interaction with those who are presently in the institution. In hindsight knowing what I know now, I honestly feel cheated by the Sunday School system and taken for a ride.

From the songs we sang then and which I faithfully passed on to those after me in ignorance, to the teachings I learnt then that I could state in summary as ‘reductionist’ and of course again faithfully passed on. I feel the institution as it is now is a total rip off to the young minds that faithfully go through it. Now I know better, but I also feel wasted! I kip wondering what if what I know now is what they taught us then? THE TRUTH

The product is a people who have no idea what exactly they profess leave alone whom they believe; the half truths in the name of simplifying and contextualizing have ended up squeezing the very doctrines they purport to teach out of the equation. In the end you have zealous people who lack knowledge; who are so sincere but sincerely wrong; ripe candidates for every wind of doctrine to sway them to and fro!

It is generally for this and many other reasons that my children have never seen the door of a Sunday School, well until two Sunday’s ago. My husband made a decree one Sunday morning that henceforth the children would attend Sunday School. I cannot even begin to describe the sunken feeling I had that morning on our way to church, but God surely does work in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.

In obedience, I took my children to Sunday School. As I was walking to the class I remembered something that added a spring to my step and made me resolve to own ‘the decree’. My elder sister and I went to public schools from primary through to the secondary level. My two younger sisters went through private primary school (a Catholic owned and led institution) and then onto public secondary schools. Throughout our education primary through to undergraduate, my father observed a policy that I have chosen to adopt henceforth in as many areas of my children’s lives as is applicable: He became an active parent.

He joined the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Board of Governors (BOG), every crucial committee and attended most if not all decision making meetings in the schools. As if not being a member of the PTA, BOG and Committees was not even, in many cases he would end up as the chairman. He did this faithfully in every school my sisters and I went through, including the university. His policy was to be involved, be the change he wanted to see; not to sit back and complain.

Soooooo, I took my children to Sunday School .


I was pleasantly surprised. The usual hitch of lack of volunteers is still there; But the lady volunteer on duty was amazing. She actually opened her Bible and from it, I mean she read word for word, taught the children about Noah and the flood. She didn’t give fishy stories, she didn’t twist and turn, she just opened her Bible and taught the children God’s Word. I am still impressed at that. The class was quite extended in terms on age, its was covering 0-7 years; but she did her best to accommodate the diverse age gaps and understanding.

After class I introduced myself and immediately volunteered to teach the children of ages 0-2 and 2-4 (my children fall within those two age brackets). The guy in charge took my contacts and promised to get back to me.


I was in church on Saturday and met most of the leadership team of the department. I was requested to write a concept paper about my ideas – done!

Yesterday’s class was chaotic! I am still nursing a slight headache as a result: screaming children, running around, jumping up and down and no one in sight to call the gathering to order. Then my lowest moment was the lesson for the day, we learnt about Jimmy. Yes Jimmy, we learnt about Jimmy! I am still trying to figure out where exactly he is in the Bible! I was so disappointed especially after the promising start last Sunday. Sigh

After class, I spoke to one of the teachers about the lesson. Expressed my disappointment. Might start my classes next Sunday. I have a lesson book to begin preparing lessons, no more Jimmy lessons ???

 I am here to stay, in this for the long haul, so I am embracing a positive mental attitude and getting down to work.

To say that I am excited is an understatement. I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to implement in those two age bracket classes. So, my children have joined Sunday School. Or should I say my children and I have joined Sunday School, and we will walk together and graduate together to teens class, to youth class and back to adult church.

Let’s do this!


#BeBoldForChange – IWD 2017

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