One breath at a time . . .

I have been learning how to breath.
I can hear some chuckling, that was me a few months ago as well.
“But I have been breathing since I was born,” I said when I heard about breathing classes.

The very breath that we breath.
Yet, not so many of us ever stop to consciously breath.
To savor the inhaling, the exhaling.
To feel the air saturate your lungs and permeate every part of your being.
To feel the air move around and then out of your body.
To be one with your breath and let it carry you into the inner spaced of your being.
To commune with your breath ad become one with it.
To be attuned to your inhaling and exhaling and everything else in between.

I have found that conscious breathing calms me down.
Being attuned to the inhales and exhales is such a beautiful awareness dance.
It is a motion unlike another because the air flows in different part of my body as they are.
The tight spaces, the free space, the closed spaces, the open spaces.
It is a conversation with myself guided by my breath on how I am being from the inside out.

So natural, yet so unnatural.
To be one with our breath, is such a gift to our self.
A healing gift.
A cleaning gift.
A gift of acceptance.
A gift of self awareness.
A gift of connection with the past, present and future.



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