My living son is 6

November 16, 2021by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

I have a 6 year old son.

My only living son Thayu is 6 today.
His name means peace and life.
Every time I look at this child, I never cease to be in wonder.
He should not be here but he is.
When he arrived he had one foot on the blue planet and another foot in eternity.
My doctor looked at her, my doctor the woman of faith, and she lost hope.
When I saw him after I came to be, I was stunned.
He was so tiny, so frail inside the incubator.
He could not breathe on his own.

But God!

In His tender mercies and sheer Providence.
This son is the epitome of good health.
He breathes well.
He can scream out loud.
He loves loudly.
He hugs tightly.
He hates chores.
He is the most handsome, flawless skin boy I know.
His secret is that he eats chocolate on a regular to maintain his skin tone (those are his words not mine)
I am grateful to have him with me.
I love him dearly and I tell him so.

I am certain his namesake brother is thriving with the ancestors 🦋

Happy Birthday Thayu.
May you live
May you have peace
May your thrive
May you love and be loved
May you be kept safe and provided for
May you smile and break into laughter
May you rest
May you flourish
May all your wildest dreams and much much more come true.
I am so blessed to call you my son.

#Beloved 💚🌻💚

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