If wishes were horses . . .

My full name is Joyce Wanjiku Mwangi.

I am named after my maternal grandmother the late Sarah Wanjiku Kuria may she continue to rest in peace.

I wish she was still alive to see this project unfold. I wish she was here to witness the book launch in a few hours time…

I wish, I wish…

But she is not here. She wont be there at the launch either…

What puts a smile on my lips though is memories of her.

Who she was, her prayer and prophetic ministry.

A few days ago, I was chatting with one of cousins and we were reminiscing on the life of our grandma. The outstanding memory being her prayer life. I am so encouraged because in acknowledgement of her mortality she used to pray from the future of her children and grandchildren. She prayed for the unborn, she prayed for weddings and graduations, for jobs and spouses all to come. And I am convinced the writing and publishing of this book (Kenya National Anthem, Devotional) is covered in those prayers.

Rest in peace Cucu Wakamanda <3 <3 <3

The other person I wish was still alive is my dear friend Willy, Uncle Willy.

A man who I had literally know all my life, a man I called my friend.

A preacher, a prophet, a man who desired to know God and to be transformed into the image of His Son Jesus Christ.

I wish he was here, I have no doubt his joy would be overflowing.

Rest in peace Willy.

But it is not all dark and gloom


I have living family and friends.

Family and friends that genuinely love me and are excited for this book and it being published and launched.


And I am grateful for each and everyone of them.

My husband Sammy, who is bank rolling the project gets the trophy today. Asante!

George and Mary Ogalo, a power couple who gave me solid feedback on the book. The idea to have study questions was actually first floated by Mary Thamari. Asante.

This is what George had to say about the devotional:

This is an excellent book that delivers us from mindless singing of the Kenya National Anthem. The book connects us to the God to whom we often unwittingly speak the words of the anthem. It also blends the scriptures and highlights perspectives that bring much meaning to the words of the national anthem.  The anthem is a rich heritage but only useful when we recognize it is a prayer and when it inspires us to live up to its ideals. I recommend this book to every Kenyan.

George Ogalo, National Director, FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian Unions)


Book your copy of the devotional here.


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