Providence . . .

One of my favourite teachers in graduate school was (still is) Dr. John Evans. He taught me Hebrew, I fell in love with the language and it loved me right back.

I have not in any way mentioned Greek, nor is the above statement to be looked in the opposite when it comes to Greek ???: who am I kidding, me and Greek never hit it off!

So back to Dr. Evans.

He had a ‘providence clause’ in all his course outlines. A clause that never ceased to tickle me throughout my school life. It went something like this:

Providence is the only reason you are allowed not to hand in your papers on time or fail to sit an exam. Providence is an act of God, including death and illness . . . (my paraphrase isn’t quite as humorous as the original)

Well as grace would have it, I got a chance to invoke my right to use the provident clause. You should have seen the grin on my face and the twinkle in my eye as I answered yes to the providence clause . . .

This self-publishing journey has been full of God’s providence. He is the definition I am using:


  • The foreseeing care and guidance of God; 
  • God, especially when conceived as omnisciently directing the universe and the affairs of humankind with wise benevolence.
  • manifestation of divine care or direction. (

Several years ago, I met a young man who became my friend. His name is Timothy Kisinga (T). His father was my math teacher during my undergraduate course. The relationship I have with math is akin to water and oil. Back then, I used to make mats for sale and in the end as a means to raise money for mission trips. So T approaches me and tells me that he thinks I need a website to market my mats and he is more than willing to put it up and manage it. I was elated, but soon after that offer my mat making venture went down. So T made me a promise, if you ever need a website call me.

Fast forward 10 years later. At the beginning of this year (2017), I decided to begin blogging.

Guess who I called to cash my rain cheque? T!

Imagine his shock and surprise. Whaaat???

But he kept his promise, through his brother James Kisinga.

Yes, through his brother. So T says he no longer does websites, but James does. He will talk with James to fulfill his promise on his behalf. James jumped right in!

And here we are!

Back to publishing the Kenya National Anthem, Devotional . . .

I have been overwhelmed and continue to be overwhelmed by God’s providence. He has been with me and walked with me. From my friend Babatomiwa Moses Owojaiye who encouraged me to start blogging, to James who works behind the scenes, to Santina Bii a wondeful friend I made this year who is such a source of encouragenent in my writing.

I am amazed, I am blown away.

As if that is not enough, as I am writing this post my friend Pauline Gikang’ah calls me and asks me about the launch and a few issues. She said there is a way through some of the road blocks I have been facing!


All my family and friends who have and continue to work tirelessly for the success of this publication, all the new acquaintances I have met whom I hope can become friends. All the people that have and continue to extend kindness to me and this project


The last endorsement I received for the book through the kindness of my dear friend Stanley Andanje was from Hon. A.A Moody Awori, fondly referred to as Uncle Moody a former Vice President of the Republic of Kenya. He had this to say:

The young comprise sixty five (65%) of Kenya’s population. For our country to remain on the way forward journey of successful development the young must at all times be fully involved. Unfortunately, the young have always been viewed negatively. It is therefore very refreshing to meet Joyce Mwangi who has the qualities of what we look for in the young – serious, thoughtful and prayerful. Joyce’s devotion to the words of our National Anthem is an inspiration for us all to live by. God has blessed us with the best country in the world. Its beauty – the fauna and flora, the great Rift Valley, the great lakes, the savannah, the wildlife, the incomparable climate and the diversity of the people all make it God’s won country. We should cherish it, nourish it and defend it. Joyce reminds us that all we need to do is to take the words of our National Anthem seriously and live by them. I congratulate Joyce on her work – A. A. Moody Awori, Former Vice President, Kenya

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  • James Kisinga

    July 6, 2017 at 5:25 PM

    People always wonder ‘What’s the secret to success?’ But there are no secrets. Be humble. Be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room. Joyce Mwangi possess all three! You have come such a long way in such a short time…remember the blonde I.T jokes? Well you’re now a fully fledged author and blogger. Congratulations my friend. I am very proud of you!


    • Joyce Mwangi

      July 7, 2017 at 5:36 AM


      Nakuona 🙂 🙂

      OOh yes, we need to document this journey. got enough whatsapp messages and emails to create a timeline.

      You are amazing James, I am glad our paths crossed.


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