He gives seed to the sower

 . . .Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed  . . .
(1 Corinthians 9:10/Isaiah 55:10)

If you ever attended Lightie  then you must know this entire Scripture by heart – 1 Corinthians 9:6-11. When I attended church there it was one of those we recited during the giving time. I have loads of precious memories of Lightie so many. And they all came flooding back late last week thanks to my Mother quoting that part of the text up there.

So on Friday (5th June 2020) last week, my mum sent me one of her notorious cryptic messages. Her messages are almost always cryptic. They are so short form, short form has nothing on her. The words have no vowels, the consonants are usually merged together like a forced relationship. In most cases she will write a three line sentence to communicate fifty things and you are expected to decipher and action immediately. This particular message was true to her style and I had just one look at it and growled, why can’t she just write full words! I tried to decipher it and was getting mixed up and not understanding most of it. There was however one part of it that was very clear, I was to send some amount of money to a certain Child of God. I was busy trying to beat a deadline on something so I put that message in the ‘to do list’ at the back of my head.

Saturday (6th June 2020) I wake up and go about my day as planned. In the middle of the day I remember the message from Mother dearest. I feel strongly to send the Child of God some cash as mother had directed, I sent more than she asked though. Then I called my mother and asked her to explain her message. This is always the cycle, mother sends cryptic message and I call her for the explanation; not complaining. Talking with my mum is mostly refreshing and fun times; we have so many memories between us and unending flow of Bible jokes to top it all up. So I let her know that they only part of the message I understood was the money part and I had sent Child of God amount XYZ. She was so happy, who doesn’t like when their child obeys them 🙂 🙂 :). We get chatting on other stuff and she also lets me know why she asked me to send the cash. While we are talking, my phone gets another call, I do not even check to see who it is kwa sababu story zimeshika kushika . . . anyway we finally hang up; ofcourse after a prayer session full of blessing prayer and expansion like Jabez.

I check and see that the Child of God I had sent the cash was the one calling me. So I call this Child of God back. Child of God is beside themselves with joy.
Child of God: “How did you know? Who told you to send me the cash?”
Me: eeeehhh, aaaahhh
Child of God: “Please tell me . . .”
Me: aaahhhh, you know . . .
Child of God: “Let me tell you why I am overwhelmed. This morning I was praying and I told God my Mpesa number is XYZMNNN and I asked Him to send money to that number . . .”
Now I am freaking out . . . eyes becoming wide and I lean onto the kitchen counter
Child of God: “Oooh God loves me. God hears my prayers. God cares for me. Joyce, let us live for this God. He is a faithful God. A very faithful God. Do you remember what He did for you (referring to my reproductive health challenges), he is a miracle working God . . . God bless you . . .
Then Child of God went off praising in mother tongue and hang up

Mimi huyooooo, I call my mother back and tell her exactly what happened. She spins off into praise. Hallelujah’s and praise the Lords! She prays more prayers for me to be blessed beyond measure. Honestly I was feeling not very good. I had not sent that Child of God alot of money so to say. Lakini to that Child of God and my mum, I might as well have broken the bank. Anyway my mum gets to new orders for me. She says I need to wait 2-3 days and send that Child of God more money. I am like . . . . eeehhh hold up mother. I am out of giving cash. I like to set aside a giving amount with each income. This keeps me from all the #blacktax and #emotional giving (okay this one I still succumb to sometimes) and #emotionalmanipulation giving. So I explain to mother dearest that I am out. Then Boom! She spoke the Scripture above – God will give seed to the sower. She was speaking with so much certainty now, God will bring money your way in 2-3 days and when He does send XYZ amount to Child of God.

Monday (8th June 2020), exactly 3 days after that phone call money comes in! Yep! Even I was shook. Someone who owed me cash and I had even forgotten paid me back in the morning. Then in the evening another person who owed me, for quite a while, paid things were looking up for them and they would pay me back. This particular debt I had classified as a bad debt and moved on. Yet it was the exact amount of money I had purposed to give to the Child of God. Honestly, I did not even know what to say. I sent a message to my mum at night, after I had soaked it all in. I found her just out of prayer, she responded and said she has gone back into prayer to give thanks. So on Tuesday (9th June 2020) I sent the Child of God the money as vowed. This time Child of God took a while to call me back, phweks!
Child of God: “Joyce, why? Why did you do it?”
Me: “I am walking in obedience”
Child of God: “Indeed you are” . . .followed by more prayer for blessings and overflow

. . .

If God impresses on your heart to do something, to say something, to give something, please do it.

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