Mothering Sunday 2021

March 15, 2021by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

A Prayer

Great Ear,
Great Eye,
Greatest Embrace,
Great Love,
Great Circle,

Creator of all,
Sustainer of Life,
Keeper of us,
Lover of all you made,

I come to you as a mother,
I am pleading for myself and other mothers,
The wailing mothers,
The weeping mothers,
The weary mothers,
The abandoned mothers,
The forgotten mothers,
The betrayed mothers,
The bereaved mothers,
The waiting mothers,
The mothers whose backs are against the wall,

You who hears, hear us,
You who sees, see us,
You embraces, embrace us,
You who is love, love on us,
You who circles, encircle us,

You whose property is always to have mercy,
Have mercy on us,
You who comes and rescues the weak,
Rescue us,
You who delivers all who are oppressed,
Deliver us,
You who wipes away all tears,
Wipe away our tears,

God who remembers,
Remember us,
God who vindicates,
Vindicate us,
God who restores,
Restore us,

Great Father,
Great Mother,
Great Parent,
Great Lover,
Great Comforter,
Great Healer,
Great Provider,

Would you look upon all the women with mercy,
And hearken to their prayers we ask,
Would you be quick to answer,
Would you be quick to come to us,
Would you meet us where we are.

We ask in faith,



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