Learn to do good;
seek justice,
rescue the oppressed,
defend the orphan,
plead for the widow. (Isaiah 1:17)

The subject of justice and aversion of the same is a source of many tears and anguish in families. From unlawful imprisonment to the high cost of justice in our legal systems that leave many in suffering with no way to receive justice. But apart from what we would call high level subversion of justice, there are also many ways in which we participate in subverting justice. The loudest form of our participation in subverting justice is SILENCE. When we would rather not meddle in affairs that do not concern us so we walk away, turn the other side.

Three groups of people are singled out in our text today: the oppressed, the orphan, the widow. These categories of people cross our paths on a daily basis and many time we turn the other side to their plea for help. Some of the justice they seek is way beyond us but many a times there is always something we can do to alleviate their present suffering: we can do good.  And we can also speak out, speak up.

Question of the Day: How can you practically teach today’s lesson to your child/ren?


Father, we stand condemned by your Word this morning. We have not learnt to do good, we have not sought justice, we have not rescued the oppressed, we have not defended the orphan neither pleaded for the widow. Have mercy on us Father and forgive us. Henceforth as we seek to teach our children to seek justice and do justice help us to teach by example. Father give us opportunities to live our your Word today in Jesus name we ask, Amen

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