Greater Love Has No One Than This

April 15, 2019by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.  (John 15:13)

For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die— but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:7-8)

The song on my mind this Holy Week is one by Hezeh Ndun’guKuigua Wega

Ningwaria uhoro wa wendo (I will speak about love)
Wendo uyu nyendetwo ni Jesu (The love I am loved by Jesus)
Utari murugurie ni mundu (Love that is not diluted by anyone)
Ni wendo wa magegania (It is a wonderful love)

Ngoro yakwa ni irakena (My heart rejoices)
Ngoro yakwa igatumatuma (My heart reverberates)
Ngoro yakwa ikaigua wega, ikaigua wega (My heart feels good)
Ni tondu wa muhonokia (Because of my Saviour)

Wendo ugutuma mundu akue (The love that can make one to die)
Ndingiugerekania na kii? (What can I compare it with)
Wendo uyu wa Jesu ni munene (This love of Jesus is great)
Ni wendo wa magegania (it is a wonderful kind of love)

Korwo niwe ungika atia? (if you were the one what would you do)
Mundu akuite ni tondu waku (If someone were to die for you)
Wega wake akuire na akiriuka (The good thing is that he died and rose again)
Na wendo wake ari o naguo (And he still has his love)

Mundu akiendwo ni akenaga (When you are loved you are happy)
Na akiendana ni akenaga (And when you love you are happy)
Amu gutiri utendete kwendwo (Because there is no one who does not want to be loved)
Wendo wi cama kwi uki (love is sweeter than honey)

Gutiri utendete kwendwo (The is no one who who does not desire to be loved)
[Tondu] O nawe niwendete kwendwo (Even you desire to be loved)
Oro nanii ninyendete kwendwo (Even I desire to be loved)
Wendo wi cama kwi uki (love is sweeter than honey)
Love is a beautiful thing

The love of a parent

The love between siblings

The love between lovers

The love between friends

The love of your village

The is no one who does not desire to be loved.

The one things all the loves above have in common is that they are frail, fragile, conditional, limited yet they are still beautiful and bring about fulfillment in us.

Greater than these loves is Agape, the unconditional, unmerited, perfect love of God.

Agape Love

That the God of glory, the Father Almighty loves you and me.

That He came down from glory to live amongst us.

That He came down from glory to die for us.

Not because He had an assurance that we will accept Him!


If anything, He knew how much we would reject Him and even crucify. But he still chose to willingly lay down His life for us.

Holy Week

As we reflect on this kind of love this week, may God help you and I to be drawn into His love.

That just as He took up His cross and walked up the hill to Calvary to His own crucifixion . . .

His love for us will cause us to daily take up our cross and follow Him

To daily take up our cross, die to our flesh

Take up our cross daily and be transformed into the image of our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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