Glow Girl

November 26, 2019by Guest Blogger0

Glow Girl!

She is fragile yet fragrant
She is fearful yet fierce.
She is a gentle grenade
She is a dynamic dynamite.

The future generations depends on her
and self belief.

When she fails a generation crushes
When we faints the future collapses.
When she is wounded her posterity grieves.
When she is despised, her descendants bear the shame.

She is a woman on the rise.
She is a force to reckon with.
She is a fire with embers that warms the generations to come.
When she is whole, she is unstoppable!


About our Guest Blogger

Paps Wanyugi is a Certified Life Coach, Psychologist and Millennials Mentor with a mission to inspire individuals and groups to create the life they desire and deserve. She runs mentorship platforms for women, teens, mentors and parents to become intentional and confident. Paps is wife to James Wanyugi and Mum to Crystal and Yaniv. For recreation, Paps anjoys watching inspirational movies, travelling and quality time with family and friends,

She is your GO-TO Coach if you need Purpose Clarity
Emotional Healing
Confidence Boost.

You can reach her on or 0735428808

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