Advent Week 1 – Hope (Liturgy)

December 1, 2021by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

God of all hope
Greatest promise maker
Greatest promise keeper
It is to you we come this morning

We as your children
We as your precious creation
We in whose lungs your very breathe flows
We come to you

As we reflect on your promises of ages past
As we reflect on the hope of your people in ages past
As we reflect on the fulfillment of those promises
We come to you

And we ask that you would draw us to yourself
Draw each and everyone of us into communion with you
That in that communion we would hear your promises
And on those promises our hope would be anchored

God of all hope
God who longs for us
God who loves us dearly
God who draws us to yourself
It is to you that we pray.


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