Rev. Dr. James K. Kuria (1956 – 2021)

October 19, 2021by Wanjiku J. Mwangi0

On 31st August 2021, at 9:30pm, Rev. Dr. James Kiarie Kuria breathed his last this side of eternity.

James was the husband of Rev. Margaret Wangari, the father of Cate, Wanjiku, Nungari and Ngoiri. He was the father in-law of Dr. Steve Ndegwa. James was the beloved grandfather of Hadassah, Wendo, Thayu, Utugi, Hinya, Wega, Riri and Caleb.

James was the son of the late John Kuria Kiarie and the late Phyllis Wangu Kuria. He was a brother to Rev. George Gichamba, late Samuel Karanja, late Nungari, Joseph Nganga, Elizabeth Wangui, Peter Mukundi, Paul Kioi, Geoffrey Gaiku and Ben Kihiu. He was step brother to late William Kiarie, late Hannah Nungari, Stanley Kamau, henry Karanja, Jane Wanjiku and David Nganga. He was tje son-in-law to the late Sarah Wanjiku Kuria and the late John Kuria Gacanga. Brother-in-law to Grace Ngoiri, Rachel Nungari, Mary Njuguna, Wilson Kamanu, late Rose Wambui, Hannah Njeri and John Muigai.

My name is Wanjiku. James was my father.

For a while James had been ailing and from the beginning of 2021, he began to be in and out of hospitals. We got different diagnosis, yet none could really encapsulate the deteriorating health of James. Two weeks before his death, courtesy of one Brother Henry Onzere who dearly called James his Pastor, we were able to finally get what we believe was the correct diagnosis of what had torn apart James. James was diagnosed by Dr. Hooker Juzar as suffering from Prion-Jakobs disease. A condition Dr. Hooker informed my mother and I was a one in a million disease, literally. It was a bitter sweet diagnosis, we finally knew what had invaded James brain and torn him apart organ by organ, function by function; on the other hand, it was also a death sentence.

Family Tributes

Wanjiku J. Mwangi | hiscreation

You have fought a good fight, you have won the race. Glory be to God. Precious in the sight og the Lord is the death of the righteous (Psalm 116:15). You have been a role model in my life and in the life of my children. You have always been diligent and hardworking. As a family we have learnt to love God and always trust in Him.
You have taught us the power of prayer, and to believe in God for the supply of all our needs. All through our lives you have taught us to live by faith. You took me back to school by faith, you educated our children by faith. You always said everything we have is just by prayers and faith in God.
I humbly accept God’s will. I cannot question God, for God knows the plans He has for our lives. God is faithful in all He does. God ahs the best for our lives. I am encouraged to know that you are in a better place with Jesus. You are now safe, secure in Jesus. (John 14:1)

In heaven, no tears, no weeping, no crying or pain. God is good, now you have slept peacefully in Jesus the one you served all the years. I am comforted that you loved Jesus, you worked hard for God, you did your best to serve Him. You always said that when you leave this world it shall be written:

(Rev. Margaret Wangari Kiarie – Wife)

Dad was a man of faith and he did not believe in impossibilities. When he set his eyes on a task, he ensured that it was done with excellence. In times of difficulties he would always say, this too shall come to pass. He was passionate about souls and equipping leaders for ministry. He loved us and ensured we got a good education.
I thank God for the time He allowed us to be with him. Till we meet again dad, it is well.
(Cate – Daughter)

My grandfather was a hardworking, intelligent and handsome. He loved all his children and grandchildren. He used to serve God passionately and I am going to miss him so much. We had planned for him and Cucu to visit us in Mombasa, nevertheless I know we will meet in heaven.
Rest in peace Guka.
(Hadassah – Granddaughter)

Rev. Dr. James K. Kuria, my father, was a man who believed in education. He was convinced that education was the most important inheritance he could give his daughters; since nobody can ever take it away. So he went back to school, took his wife back to school and then went ahead to ensure all his four daughters got the best undergraduate education he could afford. For this, I am forever grateful.
He was also a very meticulous organizer and planner. Everything he ever did was written down, with action points, broken down into details including dates and costs associated with the same. A man who loved reading, his extensive library is a testament. He introduced us to reading and writing book reviews. Now yáll know where my love of reading and writing stemmed from.

Creator God,
You breathes life into our nostrils and we become living beings,
You breathed life into James when he was born,
You have sustained him these last 65 years,
In this transition into eternal life,
You have also carried him safely,
Comfort those who loved him,
Comfort those who mourn him,
Grant peace,
Grant strength,
Be glorified in all things.
(Wanjiku – Daughter)

I love Guka. I miss you.
I am sorry you died.
I love you Guka.
(Wendo – Granddaughter)

I love Guka.
Please bring me chocolate.
I miss you.
(Thayu – Grandson)

I love you so much Guka.
I hope you are now well.
(Utugi – Granddaughter)

Dad, larger than life, life of the party. Chairman extraordinaire, booming voice preacher, funny story teller, loyal friend to may, friend of God. How we are going to miss you!
I deeply respect that you gave us a good education and walked that journey with us with great support, putting our needs before yours. Can’t believe you won’t see me get to wear my last hat. I can imagine how your face would have beamed with pride and joy!
As a father you supported my dreams, cheered me on and was always proud of me. The way you were dedicated to your life goals and your tenacity in pursuing your dreams will always inspire me. The last six months were hard but they also gave us close time together and a bond I’ll carry with me.
I love you Dad. God has healed you into his eternal rest.
See you in Glory.
(Nungari – Daughter)

I take this opportunity to honor God for giving me Rev. Dr. James K. Kuria as a wonderful dad in law. I have no regrets or questions about his life and death because I am well aware that he was a gift to us from God. I chose to celebrate dad’s life even when it is tough but I am fully aware that he fought the good battle of faith and he is back to his maker. May the name of the Lord be praised now and always. Amen!
(Steve – Son-in-law)

Sorry Guka for your sickness.
We bless you in heaven.
We will miss you.
(Hinya – Grandson)

Guka, I wish you could stay here.
I love you.
(Wega – Grandson)

Guka, I miss you.
I love you.
See you, bye.
(Riri – Grandson)

Dad, you were the most hardworking person I’ve ever known. I’d normally joke about it and say that if there’s one thing I’d bank on is that you’d never sleep in even on Saturday or on your day off. You were always busy making things happen teaching by example the importance of planning, discipline, hard work, putting consistent effort in everything you put your mind to.
You’re favorite quote was “Not planning is planning to fail!” and you lived by it, you made plans, you made goals and we watched you achieve them proving to us that if we put our mind to it there’s nothing we can’t achieve or do. I will miss your stories (dad you were hilarious), our inside jokes, your laughter your support and presence.
You stood by me even when I made mistakes, you’d always tell it like it is but you’d be there for us when things got rough, when things went wrong you’d show up. We love you, we will miss you, till we meet again dad…it is well.
(Ngoiri – Daughter)

Guka, I’m glad you are better with Jesus.
I will miss you. We will meet in heaven.
Say hi to Jesus for me.
(Caleb – Grandson)


Vote of Thanks

We would like to thank the Almighty God for the gift of Rev. Dr. James K. Kuria.
We thank God for the time he spent with us and the life we shared together.

We would like to thank the committee for their selfless commitment in planning and organizing a befitting send off for Rev. Dr. James K. Kuria. We are grateful. God bless you abundantly.
We would like to thank all of you, individually and institutionally who gave of your time and money to support during this time. May God bless you abundantly.

We would like to thank the entire community at Kimorori who have stood with us since the Dr. Kuria died. You have showed up and given of yourself, of your time, of your money. You have stood with us and by us. We sincerely appreciate you. God bless you abundantly.

We would like to thank the Spiritual Sons and Daughters of Rev. Dr. James K Kuria. You have stood with us especially since Rev. Kuria fell ill and we thank God for you. May the Almighty God bless you abundantly. May He remember all your sacrifices and Him who is a debtor to no man repay you.

We would like to thank the St. Paul’s University fraternity for continuous support since Dr. Kuria fell ill. Special acknowledgement to the leadership and those who closely supported him and the family. God bless you abundantly.

We would like to thank the entire Deliverance Church of Kenya. Thank you to the leadership of the Church, past and present and members who have worked with Rev. Kuria for many years. God bless you abundantly.

A special thanks to all family members and good friends who walked this journey with him and the family. We thank God for you.

We would like to thank Dr. Njogu and Dr. Hooker for their care of Dr. Kuria. God bless you abundantly for your kindness to us. We would like to thank Brother Henry Onzere. We sincerely appreciate you.

We would like to thank Mr. Kibe who came to join our home and have been a great support to us during this time of illness. God bless you.

We would like to acknowledge our Mother Rev. Margaret Wangari Kiarie. She was devoted to her husband to the last day, in sickness and in health; in good times and in bad times.
May God renew you.
May God comfort you.
May God strengthen you.
May God uphold you.
May God always surround you.
Now and Always.

We acknowledge our sister Grace Ngoiri, who has diligently served at home since Dr. Kuria became ill. Cate, Wanjiku, Steve & Nungari and Babz God eternally bless you.

Margaret, Cate, Wanjiku, Steve & Nungari and Grace

Wanjiku J. Mwangi | hiscreation


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