Life And Death

November 9, 2021by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

“… Death reveals the utter vanity of all our misplaced worship and all our feebly invested hopes …”
(Douglas Kaine McKelvey – Every Moment Holy II: Volume II: Death, Grief, and Hope)

What is death
If not a a doorway to the afterlife
To that life we long for yet are hesitant to enter into
What is death if not a welcoming hand
A welcoming hand into our wildest dreams
The wildest dreams we have not formulated language to express

What is life
If not a present reality
A reality that at times overwhelms us with its demands and motions
Demands and motions that seem endless
Endless in a way that suffocates and drains at times
Time with which we measure life in days, months and years

Life and Death
Two sides of the same coin
Two fluid realities meshing into each other
Realities that overlap while life goes on
Until physical death happens and everything changes
Until the breathe leaves the body and the dance stops

We are continuously dying
As we are living
But for some reason the continuous death can and does go unnoticed
Until the breathe stops
What if the continuous dying is to welcoming us into the transitional dying?
What if we paid closer attention to the daily death in us and all around us?

What would we change?
Would we live different?
Would life and death dance to a different beat in us?
Would we live and die daily differently?
Would our transition death journey be different?
For us and those around us, I wonder.

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