April 20, 2020by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

They walk and talk among us. Some we know. Some we don’t. Some are strangers. Some are Friends. But they all have one thing in common; they are healers.

There are those heal with Words. Their voice soothes wounded souls. Their words water quenched souls bringing life and hope. When they speak, dying embers are fanned to flames. Dreams are revived. Vision is refocused. Slopping limbs are strengthened.

There are those who heal with Touch. Their touch calms wounded bodies. Their touch soothes scars and heals wounds. It brings healing and wholeness. When they touch, they restore faith and trust. Calmness of the body invigorates the entire being as one rests in their safe arms.

There are those who heal with their very Presence. Their presence signals that everything will be ok. They walk into chaos, be it physical spaces or human lives and emanate healing all around. We long for these healers. They might be few and far in between, but they are life giving.

There are those who heal with Action. They do no say much. They might even touch much. By when they own a space or a human and what concerns them, you can rest assured they will not rest until everything is sorted out. They will climb mountains for you, for your healing, for your wholeness. They will sacrifice self and property to acquire your healing.

I am grateful for healers. They make life easier. They restore. They energize. They refresh. They refocus. They uplift. They encourage.

Where would the world be without healers!

Where would we be without the Greatest Healer!

He who heals from the inside out. He who knows us as we are, yet still lavishly loved us. He who made a choice to become one of us so that He could make us like Him. I am so grateful for Jesus. He heals with Words, with Touch, with Presence, with Action.

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