Happy Mothering Sunday 2020

March 22, 2020by Wanjiku J. Kiarie0

Happy #MotheringSunday!

Shout out to all mothers – Adoptive Mothers, Waiting Wombs, Single Mothers, Married Mothers, Single-Married Mothers, Divorced Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers

We love you
We see you
We appreciate you

You are special
You are honored
You are important

You are doing well
You are wonderful mothers
You are amazing women

. . .
Had a rough morning with a young one who is having an eczema flareup, another who is going through a phase that continuously reminds me of my failures and wrong decisions/choices and another who seems to be waltzing on just fine

Still had to be at work through it all – thank God we were online this morning!

. . .
To the mothers hanging in there
To the mothers hanging by a wing and a prayer
To the mothers who are physically exhausted
To the mothers who are emotionally and mentally stretched
To the mothers feeling the real weight of social distancing
(especially during this #stayhome #COVID19 days)

Its ok to take a break
Its ok to take a breather

Its ok to feel overwhelmed
Its ok to cry

Its ok to need help
Its ok not to want to be needed

. . .
To the mothers in violent spaces
To the mothers in unsafe spaces

My heart breaks for you
My prayers go out to you especially during this #stayhome times

Please reach out for help.
(will be posting in the comments on my facebook post spaces  that are available for you during this time – to talk and to offer support)

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