Disciplining In Love

a bruised reed he will not break,

   and a faintly burning wick he will not quench (Isaiah 42:3)

A couple days ago I came home from a meeting and was met by an entourage of ‘reporters’


“Mama Wendo”

All telling me in unison: “Thayu alivunja TV. Aliigonga na lemon chwa, then pa ikavunjika” (Thayu broke the TV. He hit it with a lemon)

I was into sure how to react so I went into calm mode and got into the house.

Not to be easily deterred the crew of ‘reporters’ followed me and switched on the TV set to show me how much damage had been done and if possible to persuade me to ‘deal’ with Thayu.

I was still not moved.

They went away dejected.

Mission not accomplished.


The truth is I was in shock.

When they switched on the TV I did not expect as much damage as was there.

The Sister of Thayu, one of the chief ‘reporters’ had herself wrecked damage to the same TV when she hit it with a necklace a couple of weeks back. As a result it had a black hole if I may call it that at the top middle.

Now with Thayu’s  Lemon throwing expertise added into the mix we have ended up with a mountainous triangular shaped black hole and what is now the working screen of the TV.

I looked at that TV.

I looked at Wendo and Thayu.

I was downcast. I asked myself so many questions.




Discipline Time

After dinner, i think its important not to spank on an empty stomach 😂😂😂, I called both culprits to the bedroom and read them out their charge sheet.

Then I spanked them proper.

And out of nowhere I found myself going full circle on them:

“Sijawachapa, ni makosa nimechapa . . . Sijafanya nini? . . .”

(I did not beat you, I beat up the mistake/err)

Wendo was broken, woiiii. She said she wanted to sleep immediately. But they needed to have a bath. I calmly, so proud of myself by the way, let her know that bath time was not optional. She can sleep after taking a bath.


Thayu moved along swiftly at first. But Wendo was so broken from the entire discipline episode. Both were very sorry for playing with what is not a toy.

The amount of hugs I gave afterwards was quite abit. Just reassuring both of my unconditional love for them.

That is when the Spirit reminded me of this verse:

a bruised reed he will not break,

   and a faintly burning wick he will not quench

Our Father the Disciplinarian

Our Heavenly Father is the perfect parent.

And He disciplines us. He does it in love. He does it for our own good.

As I held my children so close, I reflected on all the times I have failed God and suffered the consequences of my choices. I also remembered how embraced and loved I felt through it all.

The easiest path is to break the bruised reed and quench the smoldering wick; to push and push the point home as we push and push those who have done wrong further and further away from us.

But that is not the way of our Father.

Grace is always exemplified by Him when He disciplines us.

Therefore what we have received, we are called to extend to others.

Including and especially to our little children.


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